How to improve your style with your watch

When you choose the watch that fits best with your dress, you have to take into account how formal your clothing and the event you’re going to be. You wouldn’t attend an event in black tie or a business lunch in sports shoes, so why should you wear a casual watch?
With so many different types of watches on the market, it is often difficult to understand which watches are considered formal and which are not. Read on to find out how to match your watch with your dress and what you should consider when choosing your next watch.

Dress watch and black tie.

More than a century ago, it was believed that during formal events in black tie one had to focus all attention on conversation, which is why it was considered rude to wear a watch at such an event. Times have changed since then, but this rule could explain why the watch used for black tie events is simple and sober. A dress watch has traditionally a thin strap and a minimalist dial that does not attract too much attention, but that still makes its figure under the sleeve of a suit or men’s jacket. The dial of a dress watch is usually a classic black or silver and the strap is usually brown or black, which gives it a sober, neither striking nor flashy elegance. An example of a perfect dress watch for a black tie event would be a delicate Raymond Weil or an elegant Cartier with a deployant strap. When you buy a formal dress watch, you should look for a chic watch that subtly whispers its elegance.

Business man’s watch.

Although the businessman’s watch is often equated in style with that of the evening watch, the business man’s watch is often mechanical with more practical features. Patek Philippe recently launched a new mechanical watch named 7130g: a white gold wristwatch with a peacock-blue dial. The internal mechanical structure of this watch is seen through the sapphire crystal case and allows viewers to admire its practical beauty. This women’s watch is perfect for the career woman, given its mechanical elegance that transmits power and efficiency in the workplace. A business man’s watch should not be overly flashy, remaining with a medium to small dial, but it should be bold in design and practical in its structure. In addition to the Patek Philippe, another example could be the Rolex Submariner series or the Omega Speedmasters, both of which offer sophisticated practicality.

Casual watch.

Unfortunately, the agenda of the average person is not full of dinners in black tie and therefore a casual watch is needed. Casual watches usually have metal straps with larger dials, features that make them easy to read and make them look less formal. While business watches and dress watches are often more classic in colors, casual watches can afford to have colors that contrast with bolder outlines. Roman numerals are usually found on more formal watches, while casual ones are more imaginative and range from lively numbers to not having any. More tricks can make the clock, less formal is considered. For example, a watch with a stopwatch and a depth measuring device is not considered a black tie watch. When looking for the right strap, choose one in metal, which is more versatile than the leather one that does not go well with jeans.

Whether you are looking for a watch for your next formal event or if you want one for every day, visit our shop now. It’s time to properly match your outfit with the watch.

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