Big watches for men

Hold on tight, because your big watch for men is nothing compared to these giants. Some watches are so huge that one wonders if anyone could wear them for more than a couple of hours. Here are the 5 largest wrist watches in the world.

Invicta Grand Arsenal Reserve 80188

With a gold-colored case of the incredible dimensions of 63 mm, it is a real beauty – and although it is the smallest watch on this list, it is definitely much larger than the 30-40 watches mm that you usually see on the market. It has a Swiss quartz movement, since Invicta started as a Swiss watch company but was later sold to a US-based company in 1991. Can you imagine yourself with this half-pound watch on your wrist? Surely it attracts attention.

U-boat U 1942

This Italian watch with Swiss movement has an elegant case with a diameter of 64.4 mm. The design is based on a military wristwatch from the 40s that never went into production. With its water resistance up to 400 meters it is a fantastic underwater wristwatch. The U-boat U 1942 watch was distributed as a limited edition of only 29 copies. It also has a particularly exclusive detail: a long retractable crown on the left side.

Ennebi 5218-MM Titanic Black

A diving watch that is extremely large but at the same time decidedly elegant? Only Italians could create such a gem. The design and production of this Ennebi 5218-MM Titanic Black was requested by an English watch collector. Alessandro Bettarini had the honor to design it and his work was so extraordinary that Ennebi decided to produce 89 specimens. It has a unique design based solely on the operational needs of an underwater wristwatch. It is waterproof up to 300 meters, with a watertight seal up to 30 Mpa. Ah, and it is also quite large: 65 mm wide.

Grand Daddy DZ7262 – Diesel

With a case measuring 73 x 66 mm, we’re talking about a really huge watch. Only 1,000 of these “Big Ben” wrist watches were sold, which makes this limited edition Diesel Grand Daddy DZ7262 very precious and special nowadays! The perfect watch for those who travel a lot, it has four individual chronograph movements so you can use one watch at the same time for four time zones. You just have to remember which movement represents a certain time zone …

Musk MR2919

This wristwatch is so big that one wonders: the bigger it is, the better? No one will beat you when it comes to wearing the Musk MR2919. It might take a certain amount of strength to wear the Musk, since it weighs 715 grams. And it doesn’t just show the time: it is equipped with a Fahrenheit and Celcius thermometer, as well as an alarm clock and a hygrometer.

Image source: uniquewatchguide

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